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 Cleaning & Preservation   

Bridgestone Dry Cleaners & Laundry is Brooklyn’s only Association of Wedding Gown Specialists member. Now serving Manhattan also, we are experts in handling all of your wedding gown cleaning and preservation needs, which has been our passion since 1983. As seen on The Knot, our attention to detail with your wedding gown will ensure your investment for the big day stays in perfect condition. Your wedding gown will look as good on your 50th wedding anniversary as it did on your wedding day with Bridgestone Dry Cleaners & Laundry! 

Wedding Gown Cleaning

We start by inspecting your gown for stains and spot treat any stains by hand. Your gown is then cleaned in a never before used cleaning solution compatible with the fabric of your gown. This not only cleans the gown but dissolves any stains or dirt before they have time to yellow and stain the gown, such as sugar, sweat, or champagne. The gown is then inspected again and hand-finished. It is best to have your dress cleaned within 6 weeks of your wedding. The expert staff at Bridgestone Dry Cleaners & Laundry promise to treat your gown as if it were their own during the cleaning process. 

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If you’re looking for a sign to work with Bridgestone Cleaners, this is it! I can’t tell you how Ola and the team have helped decrease my wedding stress. Their professionalism, expertise, and expediency are just top-notch – there’s a reason why they are the best around. I sent an inquiry on the Bridgestone Cleaners website because I had a new - but vintage - wedding dress. I asked if they could clean it and how much time it would take because I had to get it altered first. Ola CALLED me immediately and said not only could they clean the dress, they could alter it too! He was also friendly and courteous and made me feel comfortable trusting them with this very important garment. As brides know, deciding where to get your wedding dress altered can be a stressful (and expensive) decision, but I read the reviews and was impressed by all the feedback. Finally, I got to the DUMBO location and can confirm that the reviews were accurate. The venue is clean, the staff was helpful, and Pablo, the tailor, is A MAGICIAN! Not only did he finish my dress alteration sooner than expected, but he also got it to fit me perfectly on the FIRST TRY. I thought there’d be a least two fittings. Nope, just one and done. Also, the dress was cleaned beautifully, and it looks good as new! Another impressive thing about Bridgestone Cleaners is the communication. They regularly send you a text with the links to payment, online tracking, or overall updates. It made me feel at ease and taken care of – and isn’t that the type of support we need from vendors during wedding season? I am now waiting for my dress to be delivered to my residence (they do that too!), and I can’t wait to work with them again to preserve the dress after the wedding in October or to just stop by there for regular tailoring or cleaning services. Thank you, Bridgestone Team!”

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Wedding Gown Preservation

There’s no better keepsake from your wedding day than your wedding gown! Wedding gown preservation allows for future family members to wear your gown on their wedding day also. Bridgestone Dry Cleaners & Laundry offers professional wedding gown preservation services in the Brooklyn and Manhattan area. After your gown is carefully cleaned, it is steamed and folded. Your gown is then stored in a museum-quality case to protect it from light, mildew, dust, and mold. These specialty chests still allow air in to allow the fabric to “breathe” and adjust to changing temperatures and humidity. 

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