Different stains and fabrics require different cleaning techniques. That’s why we also offer wet cleaning.

Wet cleaning
Has your dry cleaner ever sent back a silk blouse with perspiration stains with a “Sorry but…” tag? Our wet cleaning technology can remove the stain completely and make your garment feel, touch and smell new again. Isn’t that better than wasting money to replace a garment that still has years of wear left in it?

Difficult stains on delicate garments? Bring ‘em on!
Sometimes referred to as wet dry cleaning, this method allows us to process difficult items like that silk blouse with perspiration stains, wedding gowns, fine woolens, wine stains, leathers, Uggs boots, suedes, beaded and sequined garments. Wet cleaning doesn’t shrink fabrics, cause bleeding or fading and maintains the natural feel of the fabric leaving your garments beautifully cleaned, sanitized and fresh.

Wet cleaning vs dry cleaning…we’re expert in both.
Our customers depend upon us to clean all of their items, not just the ones that can be dry cleaned. Brooklyn, New York based Bridgestone Cleaners combines years of wet cleaning experience with state of the art equipment to safely clean garments other cleaners shy away from.

Quality control, specialized equipment
As with all of our services, it starts with a thorough inspection at our front counter. If a stain is found, we first determine what caused it. Then we remove it using gentle, environmentally friendly, non toxic spotting solutions. Our staff is trained to identify which fabrics/garments are best cleaned by wet cleaning or our green dry cleaning process.

As experienced wet cleaners we use specialized equipment developed in Europe that simulates hand washing. In this hi tech process, we can control the mechanical action of our wet cleaning machine which reduces piling and wear and tear. Steam heated water is injected at precise temperatures according to the requirements of the specific garment we are processing. Environmentally friendly, non toxic detergents, softeners and polymers are used which leave no odor or residue.

Whether you’re in Brooklyn, New York, or anywhere in the downtown Manhattan area, we offer free pick-up and delivery and a money-back service guarantee. Call 718-222-9958, schedule a pick-up online, or stop by our convenient locations.

Free pick-up and delivery.
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